Sculpture Series

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My inspiration for these sculptures came from art galleries and museums. In my smoking pipe venture days, I was very fortunate to work with two unusually talented artists: Mr. Ismet Bekler, the foremost meerschaum artist of Eskisehir, Turkey, and Mr. Preben Holm of Denmark.

Meerschaum pipe carvers are self-taught, instinctive artists. As a group, however, they do not get generally work outside the boundaries of traditional pipe forms. Mr. Bekler is an exception; he expanded his art to a higher level. With my encouragement, he started to carve sculptures in the tradition of modern and old masters. From Mr. Preben, I learned how to follow the natural grain of briar wood, and to respect what nature has created for decades. He shaped flowing, delicate, and sensuous curves.

These two provided me with the tools to create works for our sculpture garden. Mr. Brian Somerville, a great clay artist, was able to understand and support my desire to create a unique sculptures using different materials, including steel-reinforced fiberglass and epoxy.