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Opus 271, “Homage to Degas (Little Dancer)”

As a work within a larger range of homages to Degas, this stand-alone image of a frail, 14-year-old ballet student commands our attention. It was Degas’ intention to personalize her in a coming-of-age characterization. But when it was conceived, an experiment using a wax-and-bronze medium allowed for a more life-size treatment. Much admired by Cano, he adopted a theme-and-variations approach done in paint. The problems he addressed were strikingly similar: how to rethink and reposition the elements inspired by Degas’ lifelong appreciation for female dancers in Parisian dance studios and performance venues. For Cano this involved capturing a moment from a most telling point of view, with a flat spatial background to simulate the 3-D presence of Degas’ iconic original. A multicolored, floral costume appendage serves to distinguish its alternative medium, as does the gilded frame as its finishing touch.

DIMENSIONS – 36 x 24"

SERIES – Homage

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Linen