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Opus 276, “Homage to Degas: Prima Ballerina”

Set against a neutral backdrop that allows her to float with ease, this star of the Paris Opera’s elite dance company seems to glide forward, accepting the crowd’s adulation.

Masses of flowers confirm her well-deserved honors. Cano’s homage is given to both a show of utmost excellence in dance per se, plus a remarkable sensitivity in Degas’ painterly vision. By having virtually doubled the amount of floral display within the Impressionist’s original pastel treatment, Cano has given emphasis to his abundant appreciation for all aspects of art. He even brings our attention the fashion of black neck-bands, freely displayed here as the perfect accessory to a diva’s uplifted spirits.

DIMENSIONS – 40 x 30"

SERIES – Homage

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Canvas