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Opus 277, “Little Dancer: Profile”

Among his homages (tributes to respected artists from the past) Cano continues to focus his attention on a series of works depicting ballet dancers executed by Degas. In each instance he has viewed his choice of a subject with special attention to how the appearance of a female performer reveals her character as well as natural ability. In Opus 277, this is complicated by two important considerations: the fact that it depicts an underdeveloped adolescent, and that it was sculpted in wax-and-bronze. To transform her likeness into a painting, Cano chose to respect its free-standing form, while adding a richly-textured “center-piece” that enhances the work’s pictorialism. She combines an expressive dance pose with an aspiring, upward glance. Her future growth, in confidence and bodily grace, reveals her in a hopeful state of suspension.

DIMENSIONS – 36 x 24"

SERIES – Homage

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Canvas