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Opus 310, “Homage to Klimt – Frau Aylin”

Among Cano’s largest and most ambitious works, this 72”x36” painting is also one of his most striking homages. His fondness for Klimt’s use of colors led him to begin an original treatment of the Viennese artist’s unfinished Portrait of Ria Munk which he had worked on from 1911-1918. With only the soft background and face advanced beyond a sketch, Cano moved rapidly to choose appropriate colors, gold leaf/paint, and applications of his favorite acrylic-skin technique to carry out his own concept. In particular, he beautified the thinly sketched likeness of the subject by putting his daughter’s face and arms into his more-finished version. By so doing, he gave the entire interpretation a strong presence set off by a superb golden frame…while re- dedicating the work in his daughter’s name as Homage to Klimt – (Frau) Aylin.

DIMENSIONS – 72 x 36"

SERIES – Homage

MEDIUM – Acrylic on canvas