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Opus 316, “Homage to Klimt – The Lady in Gold”

The subject here is Adele Bloch-Bauer, whose stately and elegant poise was captured by Klimt in a commissioned portrait – then elaborated on in Cano’s monumental homage painting. Klimt’s preference for merging gold tints and geometric patterns has been transformed by the willowy figure’s distinct separation from her surrounding gilded ambience, that had virtually absorbed her patterned costume. As conceived by Cano, a richly floral dress (with green accents in front, at the side, and above) is vital to Adele’s firmer presence – closer to a modern female role, rather than an ornamental presence and icon of her class. Set in a unique type of frame, with muted gilt accents, it adds a filtered luminosity to deeper tones in the painting. Together with Cano’s newer media, using today’s range of gilt overlays for special effects, he emboldens the work in toto.

DIMENSIONS – 58 x 46"

SERIES – Homage

MEDIUM – Mixed media on custom stretched Linen