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Opus 265, “Kim’s Choice”

Using an elongated yet shapely form, this flower/vase motif emphasizes its tall and elegant profile. As a metaphor connoting a fitted bridal gown (white with the slight suggestion of a train) this somewhat surreal vase helps to redefine the flowers as if they form a bridal bouquet with alternating colors. In another sense it remains true to the more classic still-life positioning, as it rises to an apex of floral abundance set atop its stately containment vessel. Cano’s work often defies the obvious and most explicit levels of a given scene—putting folded-back petals in high relief or creating a wine-red background as another means to enrich the effect. Finally, an Italian handmade frame features twisted vines that underscore the poetic allusion to bonds of togetherness.

DIMENSIONS – 24 x 12"

SERIES – Latest Works

MEDIUM – Acrylic on canvas