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Opus 273, “Farrar’s Choice”

There are surprising variations in this flower/vase usage of extreme frontality together with precise color combinations. Cano maintains control of this evenly distributed massing of well-balanced flowers emerging from a tall, slender vase which emphasizes its statuesque profile. A layering effect characterizes encompassing spaces full of tiny circles and paint splatters which enliven (in abstract fashion) an imaginary picture plane. In addition, the salient features of the flora above resonate by being contrasted with an organic shade of green. Unexpected results ensue, since still-life greens normally are identified with the preeminent leaves that are obscured here. Finally, a proper tension is added by highlighting its narrow fields of lateral space, well constrained by a dark, prominent frame.

DIMENSIONS – 24 x 12"

SERIES – Latest Works

MEDIUM – Acrylic on canvas