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Opus 318, “Cu-29”

The title of this work refers to the sign/atomic number of ‘copper’, that Cano chose to use “as a background for this acrylic piece.” His colors are suspended thinly, with a bold red separated diagonally from a darkened mélange of uneven shades tending to black. Below these he experimented with a nuanced ‘lemony yellow’ convincingly combined with a far more metallic hue. The oval hole left in the black area close to the middle has a strong symbolic meaning for Cano, who commented on how he liked to “show that life is not perfect, that there are variations, ups and downs [& even] some holes”. Still more to the aesthetic point being made here is the manner in which he has noted that it is how “the copper comes peeping out [that makes it] interesting”.

DIMENSIONS – 24 x 18"

SERIES – Latest Works

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Linen