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Opus 319, “Potpourri – on Yellow”

This striking abstract painting is dominated by a richly-colored background, with a lemony to light/bright yellow hue. Cano has admitted that “the composition is open to interpretation” even though the basic forms in black, white and grey (mixed ever so subtly with a purplish blue) are well-defined and thoroughly well-balanced. The interpretive element stems from the spacing or divide across the middle. Perhaps it appears to create a topographic illusion, since he himself senses it as “a bit like the Panama Canal, or the Bosphorus”. Right after that perception, he went on to arouse the viewer’s curiosity by adding “Or is it?. More likely it is the way in which he has depicted the two finely-textured forms, one above the other along the central axis, that commands the viewer’s attention.

DIMENSIONS – 14 x 11"

SERIES – Latest Works

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Linen