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Opus 392, “Animus”

In this decidedly constructed work, Cano began with a black canvas, an occasional foray into ‘the contrast that it creates’.  Here he has chosen both reds and greens as his counter colors.  The criss-cross pattern serves to focus attention on the bleached-white skull with its crooked leer.  He mixes beads and pearls attached to the canvas with red and green dots of paint, so as to highlight the contrast with a background of impenetrable black.  Conceptually it has a particular style that distinguishes this mix of skull-like attributes.  He chose the platinum/silver frame, utilizing black edging as a binding element to the background.  The term ‘Animus’ is literally used to mean a hostile spirit – yet Cano connected it to an animal-like expression that dominates the center, in a usage of his own invention.

DIMENSIONS – 14 x 11”

SERIES – Latest Works

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Black Canvas