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Opus 423, “Gone Fishin’”

The idea here relates to Cano’s creative practices and ability to combine thoughtful planning with spontaneous experimentation.  For Cano ‘the eye is very important’, so he ‘loves the color combination achieved here.  By adding technical innovations to layered paint surfaces, everything becomes charged with fish-like forms, then animated by dots that rotate amid the swirling brush strokes.  The result is ‘like an orchestra, or jazz group of different instruments and jazz singers, participating all at the same time’.  Waking early he can paint listening to music of all kinds; it is ‘when he comes up with ideas’.   So if ‘the painting gets very busy’, it benefits mightily from a well-chosen frame.  Here the pairing is highly regarded for the elegance of workmanship and well-adjusted harmony.

DIMENSIONS – 20 x 16"

SERIES – Latest Works

MEDIUM – Acrylic on canvas