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Opus 434, “Variations – IV”

This culmination of his four “variations” (all 16” x  12 “) finds Cano at the peak of his “vitality and elan” drawn from nature to appear vividly abstract while heightening his spirit/soul as he faces health challenges.  These enter a ‘cancer labyrinth’ he has confronted over time.  Powerful colors help ‘resonate in my soul’, as he turns the ‘unfortunate moments’ into ‘fortunate ones’. ‘Instead of negative I’m doing something positive’.

He starts with burnt sienna, then experiments with layers of pigments, recognizing how ‘taste is different, your mood is different’ especially as one deals with ‘chemo’ treatments.  Here he has added pink and orange. green and yellow, sensing that ‘the final [effect] is very important’ he innovated using translucent relief elements against a stark black frame.


DIMENSIONS – 16 x 12"

SERIES – Latest Works

MEDIUM – Mixed media on canvas