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Opus 437, “Mare de Tutti Colori”

Cano recalls: ‘When I was growing up I saw the Aegean Sea with a lot of islands just going into the sea, with differences depending on how sheer, so I like colors of atolls or reefs’.  These left an impression, and in every way (most recently in his paintings) he likes being multi-dimensional as he works and as he ‘goes through gamuts of moods’ recognizing a mood or color so if you want to switch you do that’.  In returning to this theme  (translated as ‘sea of all colors”) he stated ‘if you look to the upper part here the red is flowing into cooler colors, while on the bottom it mixes in with the blue – that I love very much’. Across this large work (4’x6’) ‘droplets are happening all over in a random way‘ even as the middle atoll (or coral) is changing color via layers of acrylic paint in tutti colori ‘like it happens in nature’. Fish forms ‘come about on their own’, just as one experiences ‘a placement of translucent material in many places… It took over a year to collect pieces I wanted to use…so in some places, you see 4/5 colors on top of each other. This is like a trip that you don’t know where you are going, says Cano about this, his supreme chef d’ouvre !!!


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