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Opus 286, J-200 Memories of Elvis

A variation of Opus 275, Guitar and Flowers—similar in its bold color scheme while more spacious in design—this treatment of a floral/musical rhapsody is unique and personal. The centerpiece is Elvis Presley’s iconic J-200 Gibson guitar, which Cano has brought forward against a royal purple background fitting for “the King.” This is an artist’s tribute, fully personalized on multiple levels. Guitar and Flowers utilizes a generic instrument set amid sprays of flowery petals; here, on the other hand, there is a more cohesive garland, an emblem since ancient times of respect and honor. A virtual choir of songbirds attend the tribute, with great artistic restraint in their profile presentation. More attention is paid to the background chiaroscuro, as it transitions from light to shade as a reminder of Elvis’s spotlighted career and dark demise.

DIMENSIONS – 48 x 60"

SERIES – Lifestyle

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Plywood