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Opus 282, “Sugar Skulls with Pearls”

In this remarkable “death’s head,” in the form of a radiant skull hovering ominously against a dark background, Cano deals with a universal image of death and decay. The brilliant colors contrast with the macabre nature of the motif, as depicted in a leering manner along the lines of “sugar skulls” identified with the Day of the Dead celebration, as adapted by indigenous folk artists. The raised, painted surfaces add unnatural “special effects” to the piece, which Cano has enhanced here. It appears to stare wide-eyed at us from within the confines of a fine gilded frame selected by the artist himself. Though small in scale, it conveys a monumental intensity all by itself.

DIMENSIONS – 24 x 18"

SERIES – Lifestyle

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Linen