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Opus 288, “Sunflowers of Farrar”

Sunflowers have a long history of artistic associations based on their special attributes—symmetry, size, and radiant yellow petals suggesting sunrays. Symbolic or mysterious powers are ascribed to a heliotropic (sun-tracking) propensity in young plants, which Cano suggests here in a coordinated display of three forward-facing flowers of slightly uneven dimensions (a size differential common to the maturing bloom). He has departed from the iconic works by Van Gogh (1880s) that pictured them cut and arranged in tabletop vases. The scheme used here is horizontal rather than vertical, appropriate for an outdoor setting with a distinct horizon line. Each of the plants has a raised-relief center disc, creating outward pressure directed at the viewer. As a result, their presence is intensified as they mysteriously eye us back.

DIMENSIONS – 12 x 24"

SERIES – Lifestyle

MEDIUM – Acrylic on Canvas