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Prince Island

I have a painting of a Greek island that reminds me of the Prince Islands. Purchased at auction, I was unable to resist the pristine quality this work reflects and shares with the Prince Islands. Opus 133 is a variation on the Prince Islands settings. Locals love these tiny outcropping of land because they capture a day-gone paradise of simplicity, where white houses with red tile roofs are surrounded by an often stunning turquoise sea. The well-to- do and the cognoscenti escape to their island summer homes—void of traffic and the busy life of Istanbul. There are no motorized vehicles, just the sounds of horse-driven carriages, mules, and the gentle whir of bicycles. No jackets or ties, just shorts and shirts, peace, and quiet! I want to remember these islands just as they once were, although in a recent postcard I saw ugly cell phone towers on the peaks.


SERIES – Nostalgia

MEDIUM – Acrylic on canvas